March 14, 2017

Service Area

HWB are your number 1 choice for South-East Queensland hot water installation. Despite what our name may suggest we actually service and install hot water systems in all of SEQ, not just Brisbane. This includes The Gold Coast, The Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba.

If you need a reliable hot water unit, or advice on which type of water system will be best suited to your home and budget, you need to speak with us. As industry professionals with a strong reputation for quality and honesty, and with years of experience in the field, we’ve got you covered. We can determine exactly which type of hot water install will work best in your particular situation and can ensure you make the best investment in your family’s future.

Trust the team who are renowned for their skills, experience and knowledge with plumbing and anything else related to hot water. With a team of industry professionals who have specialised in hot water installation in Brisbane and the surrounding area for decades, you can’t go wrong! Our hot water installers will be happy to happy to help you no matter what dwelling size, needs or budget are. Many families find the cost of a new hot water unit prohibitive but we can guide you as to what will work best for you given any budget and help you get reliable and regular hot water flowing out your bathroom pipes once again.

Hot Water Brisbane started, not surprisingly in Brisbane City. With the growing population of SEQ and an ever increasing demand, soon we expanded to doing hot water installation on the Gold Coast too. Several years after that with a growing team and even more people moving to this beautiful part of the world, we set up a team of hot water installers on the Sunshine Coast.

Only recently we have ventured further west, where more and more people seem to be making their homes. Still a part of South-East Queensland but with more of the country feel we now also service the need of people requiring hot water installation in Toowoomba.

From new systems in new housing developments across this great green (sometimes brown) land of ours, to replacing old units in a typical Queenslander home in suburban Brisbane, we do it all. Take a look below at the extensive list of areas in South-East Queensland we service, and find out more about getting a hot water system installed in your local area by a How Water Brisbane trained and certified professional.