Pros and Cons of Tankless Water Heaters

tankless water heaters

Tankless water heaters are increasingly becoming popular in Australia, and it’s for good reason. Unlike traditional water heater systems that require a tank to store water, the new model does not need water storage hence taking a small space. In addition, it generates hot water instantly. These are just a few of the reasons why homeowners in Brisbane are going for this system.

But before you decide to go for this system, you need to learn more about its good and bad sides. In this guide, we’ve rounded up the main tankless water heater pros and cons. Read through it so that you can make an informed decision. Here are the tankless water heater pros and cons.

Pros Of A Tankless Water Heater

1. Instant Hot Water

One of the biggest pros of tankless water heater is instant hot water when you power it on. This can be explained by the fact that the system does not have a tank to pre-heat the water. It works via a system where the water passes through a heated pipe. That is the reason why there is instant hot water any time you power on the hot water system.  There are a lot of positive tankless water heater reviews because of this feature. So if you are looking for a system that can provide hot water on demand, then this is what you need.

2. Low Energy Bills

A reduction in the amount of energy needed to supply hot water to your home is another reason for investing in a tankless water heater. With a tankless system, you will be able to save the energy cost that used to maintain the temperature of the water in the tank. Therefore, it will save you a lot in the long term. In addition, you will not waste energy to preheat water as it is with the conventional water heaters. Research has also shown that tankless units are 22% more efficient than conventional models. All these combined means that your monthly energy bill will be reduced significantly. When properly maintained, the tankless system can reduce your monthly energy bill by around 40%.

3. Longer Lifespan

Compared to the traditional water heaters, tankless water heaters offers an extended lifespan. That is another reason why most people are opting for these water heaters. In fact, most of the tankless water heater reviews by users mention its longevity as one of the key features. While the conventional water heater lasts for a maximum of one decade when properly maintained, a properly maintained tankless water heater will last for up to 20 years.

4. Saves Space

tankless water heater gas and electric modelSpace is a major challenge Brisbane homeowners and even those that are renting. With the conventions water heater tanks coming with a capacity of up to 50 gallons, you need a big space to install the system. But with a tankless system, the space issue is solved. So if your home in Brisbane has limited space, then a tankless water heater is what you need. It is a system that you can mount on the wall to maximise space use.

5. Clean Water

One of the biggest challenges with the conventional water heater is the safety of the water. With water sitting in the tank for hours or even days, there is a risk of contamination from rust, scale and mineral deposits. But with the tankless water heater, water is only used at the moment hence no risk of contamination by pollutants and undesirable particles. That is why clean water is a guarantee with this system.

6. Both Gas and Electric Models Available

Depending on a number of factors, you can pick between tankless water heater gas and electric powered model. If your home’s electrical infrastructure is the best, then a tankless water heater electric model would be the best option. A qualified plumber in Brisbane can manage your hot water installation. Rerouting gas lines in Brisbane can be pricey; hence the reason why electric models are popular. However, if you are looking towards reducing the cost of heating water, then tankless water heater gas is the best model for you.

7. No Water Leaks

Another advantage of investing in a tankless unit is that there are no leaks. A leaking tank is a common problem with the conventional water heater. Since the system does not have a storage tank, then there are no problem water leaks. That simply means no floods in the house and repair costs.

8. Eco-Friendly

A tankless unit is one of the eco-friendly water heaters in the market. The system helps to reduce the amount of energy used to heat water hence reducing the damage to the environment. In addition, the tankless water heater electric model can also use solar power to heat water which green energy.

Cons Of A Tankless Water Heater

Although the system has been hyped as one of the best water heaters, there are also some drawbacks and dangers of tankless water heaters that you should know. Here are the main ones.

1. High Initial Cost

tankless water heater outside installationThe upfront cost of a tankless water heater installation is very high compared to the conventional water heater. In fact, the cheapest model costs almost double the traditional models. The amount of labour and other installation cost are also extremely high. For instance, if you decide to go for gas-powered hot water heater Brisbane, you will need to reroute gas lines which very expensive.

2. Inconsistent Temperature

A tankless water heater only provides consistent hot water if you are using one machine but not several appliances. If you look at most of the tankless water heater reviews, users have mentioned inconsistent water heating as one of the system’s drawbacks. However, you can install several tankless water heaters to improve heating inconsistencies.

3. Long-Term Maintenance

Like the conventional tanks, a tankless water heater requires proper maintenance. You must flush it at least once each year to remove calcium, sediment, minerals and other materials in the system. In addition, the system includes fans and filtration that also require regular maintenance to function properly. Due to the system’s complexity, experts recommend hiring professionals to perform the maintenance.

4. Potential Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

With most of the tankless systems being run on natural gas, there is the potential for carbon monoxide leaking. That is one of the main dangers of tankless water heaters. Make sure the gas system is properly maintained.

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