May 23, 2017


Hot Water Brisbane

At Hot Water Brisbane, we understand the importance of having a fully operational, functional and efficient hot water system. But this has to start from the installation stage to proper maintenance afterwards. It’s the wish of any homeowner that their hot water system serves them for the longest time possible with minimal issues. Unfortunately, this is never the case. Like any other appliance, a water heater can fail you anytime and mostly, the inopportune time. Having been in this industry for more than a decade, we understand the needs of our customers in South East Queensland and its environs.

Our goal is to ensure that your hot water system is operating at the highest efficiency possible. We can fix any water heater problem no matter how big or technical it looks. We’ve assembled a team of highly qualified and experienced technicians who ensure that we deliver the highest quality service possible to the people of South-East Queensland. We provide an array of hot water system services including installation services, repair and replacement.

Hot Water Installation Services

Whether you’re after a new gas, heat pump, solar or electric hot water system, we are the team you need for installation services. With more than a decade of experience in this industry, we have what it takes for a successful hot water system installation. Whichever system that you want to install, we will provide you with the necessary information about the best brands in the market. We know that getting the right system is no easy task, particularly if you are doing it for the first time. To make things easier for our customers, we have agreements with reputable distributors to ensure that you get the best price possible.

We have an impeccable reputation throughout Brisbane for our top-notch installation services. We’re well known for our gas hot water system installations all over South-East Queensland and Brisbane in particular. These are one of the more complicated water heating systems in terms of installation and require a little bit more prowess to install correctly when compared to a regular system. Very few service providers in Brisbane can deliver on this task the same way we can. With our vast experience, technical know-how and state of the equipment, you can rest assured that your new water heating system will be safe and reliable.

Repair and Replacement

Hot Water Repair and Maintenance

If all of a sudden the water heater cannot provide your home with hot water or it’s behaving oddly, then there is a problem. Like any other appliances, they are prone to wear and tear over time. Some issues may be due to manufacturer defects particularly if the water heater was newly installed, but most are a result of old age. Most of these faults are repairable, and that’s where we can help. Note that, if you want the hot water unit is to serve you and your family for longer, hot water system maintenance is crucial.

At Hot Water Brisbane, we have fixed hundreds of water heater faults all over this wonderful city of ours. To us, nothing is too much of a challenge. We specialise in both repairs and replacement for broken water heaters. But what are the main water heater problems to look out for?

Water Leaking From the Top

Water leaking from the top is common in both the electric and gas hot water systems. It is a serious problem particularly with the electric water heaters since it can lead to electrical shorts and additional damages to the water heater. The problem is mainly caused by the cold inlet and hot outlets pipes being loose. A faulty or loosely connected temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valve or inlet valve could also be the cause of the leak. This may look like a huge problem to the homeowner, but at HWB, it’s a small issue to fix.

Water Leaking From the Bottom

The problem is also common with electric and gas water heaters. For electric water heater, the problem is mainly caused by condensation, when temperature and pressure valve is opened to release excess pressure in the tank or if there is a leaking electric heating element gasket. Similar causes affect the gas water heater including a leak or loose drain valve. In the cases where the actual tank is leaking, the only solution is to replace the heater. But before we recommend for the replacement, we will always conduct the necessary test to determine where the leak is coming from.

No Hot Water

This is a common problem with both newly installed and the old hot water heater systems. If your electric water heater fails to provide hot water, then it could be a trip of the circuit breaker. It’s something you can fix yourself. If that’s not the cause, maybe it’s the heating element, and probably it needs to be replaced. This is especially common with old electric water heaters. If it’s a gas water heater, check the gas flow and confirm that your pilot light is on. The two are okay; the problem could be the thermocouple. If your system is designed with electronic ignition, check if the circuit breaker has tripped. If you cannot spot the problem, we are just a phone call away.

Water is Too Hot

Most likely, the problem is the thermostat where the temperature has been set too high. This usually happens during the transition from cold to the warm season where the homeowner forgets to reset the temperature. It’s a problem that you can easily fix yourself by simply adjusting thermostat settings. If this doesn’t work, just call us, and we will diagnose the problem, and see if it is necessary to replace a faulty thermostat.

Water Takes Too Long To Reheat

This is a common problem with electric models. If it’s taking longer than usual to reheat entire water supply, the thermostat or heating element may be the problem. If it cannot be fixed, a replacement is the only solution to restore your hot water supply. For gas models, thermostat settings may be the problem. The burner orifice or the vent may be too dirty or clogged, and some cleaning may be necessary. If that’s not the case, the gas pressure may be too low and adjusting it upward will likely restore the supply. In some cases, the hot water demand in the home is too high and the system is not given time to recover fully. In such cases, replacing with a larger capacity tank may be the best solution.

Hot Water System Problems

Dirty or Rusty Coloured Water

Rust is a sign of corrosion of the tank or the anode itself. It is a serious problem that can reduce your water heater’s life drastically if left untreated. Rusty water will cause damages to your appliance and to your health too. If the water is dirty and not rusty, maybe it could be a result of sediment build-up and cleaning the tank should solve the problem. If the water is rusty and it has a metallic taste or smells, then you have a serious issue. It shows that the tank is corroding from the inside and the likelihood of it leaking is very high. It’s, therefore, important to have it repaired immediately. Sometimes, it might need a replacement if the water heater is too old or degraded for repair.

Low Hot Water Pressure

Most of the low hot water pressure cases that we have dealt with in Brisbane are usually caused by the small size of the pipes. For instance, half inch diameter galvanised piping entering and leaving the water heater may not provide enough required pressure. The solution is installing a 3/4 –inch piping to allow for more water to flow into the house. Sometimes sediment, rust and calcium deposits inside the plumbing system may also cause the problem. If you have this problem call us, and we will work on any of these issues to restore adequate hot water pressure to your home.

Strange Noises

Your water heater should operate silently in an ideal situation. If you hear strange knocking, popping, banging, and hissing or any other strange noises, there is a problem. This is typical issue for all water heater types. In most cases, scale build-up on the heating element or sediment at the bottom of the tank is the main causes. Leak and over-pressure inside the tank or a noisy pipe may also be the problem. If you cannot fix it yourself, we are just a call away.

Smelly Hot Water

If your hot water has a strange smell, then it probably has some bacteria creating the foul odour. It’s an issue that you can fix yourself by just applying some little chlorine. If this doesn’t work, just turn up the thermostat to over 60 degrees and the heats should kill off the bacteria. If the smell doesn’t go away, call us, and we will deal with the problem. Perhaps the tank needs a full clean-out. It may also be necessary to replace the magnesium anode rod with an aluminium rod to fix the issue.

These are some of the common water heater problems we have encountered. Some are technical while others are just a creation of bad usage of the water heater. A good example is running several appliances that use hot water at the same, and this becomes the reason the water takes too long to reheat. For technical causes, you need specialised skills to fix the problem, and that’s what we have at hand.

At Hot Water Brisbane, we have what it takes to fix any faulty hot water heater system. Don’t’ hesitate to call us anytime your water heater fails you and we’ll respond within the shortest time possible. We operate across all of the Great South-East, and we know what is needed to get the job done right the first time, everytime. We are the solution to your water heating problems. Get in touch with one of our friendly hot water plumbers today to find out more!