June 5, 2020

Rinnai Hot Water Systems

rinnai gas hot water Rinnai has a valid claim to be true pioneers in the home heating game, having launched Australia’s first fully electronic gas continuous flow hot water system back in the ‘90s. For a population used to tank-based systems, this instantaneous hot water system was a revolutionary leap forward, and millions of Australians have never looked back.

The major advantage of an instant hot water system is that you have total confidence that your hot water would never run out. And with Rinnai’s Electronic Water Heater Control systems mean you have total control over your water temperature at all times. 

Another advantage this type of gas water heater holds over an electric hot water system with a hot water tank (or similar gas hot water systems for that matter) is the lack of the tank itself. As there is no standing water to keep warm, less energy is used. Any electric water heater will generally be more expensive to run. 

Storage based heaters can sometimes be more suitable than an instant heater, and depending on the size of the install and the amount of use can sometimes work out cheaper. It really depends on you and how you will use it. 

That’s why we’ve covered a range of Rinnai hot water systems below so you can weigh up what might work best for your needs. We haven’t covered them all so be sure to get in touch if you have any questions!

Rinnai Hot Water Storage Heating Systems 

rinnai hot water heaterRinnai’s range of Gas and Electric Hot Water Storage Tanks outperform the competition and are designed with Australia’s harsh conditions in mind. 

These super-efficient hot water tanks are designed and equipped for easy changeovers. With footprints matched for gas, and standard sizing available on their electric heaters, you can replace your existing system with the minimum of fuss.

Gas Hot Water Storage Systems

The Rinnai Hotflo range offers you a choice of 135 or 170-litre sizes, depending on your needs, They are designed to make upgrading and replacing your existing system as easy as possible and are available to work with natural or LP gas. Hotflo optimises gas consumption to reduce energy usage, and delivers pressurised hot water to all of your taps simultaneously. If you’re thinking of upgrading for efficiency, this is one of the most eco-friendly storage heaters around.

Electric Hot Water Storage Systems

The Hotflo Electric Hot Water Storage System is available in a wide range of sizes, from the 25-litre unit right through to the 400-litre storage cylinder. Available with single or twin element configurations depending on your needs and the level of consumption. Made in standard sizing and built for emergency changeovers, and for replacing existing units.

Rinnai Continuous Flow Hot Water Heaters 

Rinnai was the first company to roll out the fully electronic instant gas hot water system in Australia. They have remained at the forefront of the gas hot water heater market ever since. 

Designed with the environment in mind and with leading efficiencies across the range, the Infinity range is low cost to install and run, and eco friendly too. With low emission burners, Puretemp™ temperature control technology and better water conservation technology, they lead the way in instant hot water efficiency.

rinnai hot waterInstantaneous Water Heaters 

Rinnai’s Instantaneous Hot Water system delivers hot water without the need for a powerpoint, and is ideal as a replacement for an outdated or faulty heater. Features class-leading gas efficiency and a comprehensive warranty.

Hot Water Controllers

Rinnai Continuous Flow Controllers mean you can set your hot water temperature from anywhere in the house, so you have total control. So not only no more waiting for your hot water, but no more mixing hot and cold!

Rinnai Gas Hot Water System Prices

As with all makes, storage heaters are a little cheaper in terms of upfront costs, but dependent on use, they will often work out more expensive to run in the medium to long term. Rinnai’s gas storage heaters range from around $800-$1100. 

Rinnai’s tankless heaters are a little more, although for small homes the upfront coast can work out roughly the same as the tank based heating systems. Their Infinity range cost anything from $1000 up to $1600, but the instant heater price will be offset by significant savings on your utility bills. 

Rinnai Hot Water System Troubleshooting

setting temperature for rinnai water heater

Installation and Maintenance

Like all gas appliances, all Rinnai gas instant hot water systems must be fitted and serviced by a qualified and certified gas technician. You will need a hot water service check periodically to be safe, but below we’ve included some of the more common Rinnai error codes so you can troubleshoot any most issues yourself before calling out a technician. 


If you already have a Rinnai hot water heater installed, then you may be aware of the self-diagnostic system. Rinnai heaters display error codes should a fault occur with the system. 

So if there is any issue with your heater, the unit will automatically diagnose the issue and a fault code will flash on the digital monitor, allowing you to address the issue. We’ve listed some of the most common fault codes below. 

Rinnai Error code 10: Air intake or blockage issue.
Rinnai Error code 11: No ignition or no gas supply.
Rinnai Error code 12: Flame failure or low gas flow.
Rinnai Error code 14: Flame safety device triggered.
Rinnai Error code 16: Temperature / overheating warming.
Rinnai Error code 19: Indicates electrics are not grounded / issue.
Rinnai Error code 25: Condensate pipe blockage.
Rinnai Error code 32: Indicates a problem with the Thermistor.
Rinnai Error code 33: Fault with Heat Exchanger – Sensor.
Rinnai Error code 34: Combustion Air Temperature – Diagnostics fault.
Rinnai Error code 52: Solenoid Valve Signal Rinnai Error.
Rinnai Error code 61: Fan motor issue.
Rinnai Error code 71: Fault in Solenoid Valve.
Rinnai Error code 72: Flame Sensor Issue.
Rinnai Error code 79: Burner sensor issue.
Rinnai Error code 00 or LC: Build up inside of the heat exchange.

Are you looking to have your Rinnai hot water heater serviced or looking to purchase a Rinnai hot water system? Hot Water Brisbane‘s plumbers are experts in hot water system installation. Contact us today and get an expert recommendation on the best hot water system for your home.

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