March 10, 2017

Hot Water Installation Enoggera Reservoir

When it comes to installing a hot water system, the people of Enoggera Reservoir have a lot of options. To ensure you invest in the best option for your home in South-East Queensland you need fully understand the pros and cons of each type water system. If you’ve already read about the different types of systems or just want to talk to a local plumbing professional in person instead of researching online for yourself get in contact with us now. Simply fill in our contact form or give us a call, and get in touch with a local Enoggera Reservoir hot water installation expert. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Brisbane, The Gold Coast, The Sunshine Coast or even Toowoomba. We can help.

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Different Types Of Hot Water Systems

Electric – These are also called hybrid water heaters. This type of hot water system provides works by combining the power of electricity with recent technology that combines a compressor and an evaporator built into the water heater unit. The main benefit of these units is that they can creates a similar amount of hot water as traditional electric water heaters while also reducing heating expenses. On the negative side the initial purchase price and installation costs for these are higher than the other water heating options.

Storage Tank Water Heater – This is one of the most common types of water heaters, and are commonly found in houses in suburban areas of Brisbane such as Enoggera Reservoir. The main advantage of these systems is that they continuously heats water in a storage tank so there is a constant supply whenever required. This method of heating continually is not the most eco-friendly or efficient and often leads to a high gas and/or electric bill.

Continuous Flow Gas Water Heater – As the name implies, this makes use of gas in order to heat the water. One advantage of these hot water systems is that instead of releasing the used gases, they are reused to heat the water again and again. Due to this there are substantial long-term energy cost savings with this option. The initial cost of purchase as well as installation costs are however usually higher for these than with a conventional heater.

Tankless – This type will make use of gas or electricity in order to heat the water when you need it. Its main advantage is that money is not being spent on heating a tank full of water and keeping it hot. On the contrary, these have limitations and are not usually capable of adequately servicing an entire household. This means that you will likely need more than one water heater installed to meet all the household’s requirements for bathtubs, washing machines, dishwashers, and showers during peak times. These units are quite efficient however and are becoming more and more commonplace in Brisbane, The Gold Coast, The Sunshine Coast and the other surrounding areas of South-East Queensland.

Solar – As the name implied this type of water heater is powered by the sun. Panels are installed in a prime location in order to heat up the water. One of the main advantages of solar systems is that they are cheap to run and it do not cause pollution. Its main disadvantage is that the initial purchasing and installation costs are at the high end for a hot water fit-out.

Here at Hot Water Brisbane we understand that choosing the right system and installer for you home can be confusing. That’s why all of our professional installations are guaranteed and we won’t take on any job until we have explained what we think is the best type of unit for your Enoggera Reservoir home based on your location, budget and dwelling size. Get in touch with one of our friendly hot water installers today and let us guide you to make the decision about the future water security for you and your family. The team here at Hot Water Brisbane are proud to keep our local Queensland community’s families clean, warm and hydrated on time, every time.