December 28, 2017

Suttons Beach, Redcliffe

Suttons Beach is a spectacular place to visit with friends and family, alone or as acouple. Located north of Brisbane City at Redcliffe, Its sandy and grassy areas provide excellent spots for fun and recreational activities. Visitors and locals love the fact that it is patrolled, therefore safe and secure.

Suttons Beach, Redcliffe

Activities To Enjoy

Now, there are many things to do at the beach. Paddle on the calm waters. Afterwards, swim a little or perhaps skydive if you like. Play in the sand with your children and make a massive sand castle! At the well-built playground, you will find play tools, which can help boost your children’s creativity. afterwards have a snack at the Sail restaurant.

If you need some shade, there are park benches and shelters all around the area. For those who love nature walks, this beach has you covered. The views are fantastic considering the blue waters and the vegetation. You can also ride along the bike pathways.

Suttons Beach in RedcliffeIt’s the weekend, and you are planning a picnic. Well, choose Suttons Beach. It offers grassy areas to lay your picnic mat and have a good time. Enjoy some barbecue at the available barbecue tables. Watch a breathtaking sunset as the rays touch the waters. It truly is incredible. Meditation and yoga activities fit well at this rather quiet beach offering some alone time and exercise without disruptions. There are beach showers to wash off any dirt before heading home.

What To See

There is a lot to see once you arrive at Suttons Beach, starting with the marine life. You will come across fish and soldier crabs for instance. There is also a water fountain that looks amazing in photos. Visit the Youth Park area for more exciting experiences. Yacht racing is a thrilling activity to watch which happens most weekends. If furry animals are more your thing, jump on the highway and take a short drive over to the Daisy Hill Conservation Park where you can visit their Koala centre or click here to see more great options around brisbane.

The Gayundah Wreck is one of the marvelous things you will see when using the bike path as you head towards Woody Point. Go shopping in boutiques and try out local cuisine in the cafes and restaurants.

If you are looking for a place to host an event including a wedding, you should consult Suttons Beach Management. Let them give you a place to hold your memorable event. Business enterprises such as Pilpel also organize activities for you to enjoy at different times of the year such as Easter.


You do not pay a cent to visit the beach. There are no admission fees. Therefore, you have no excuse for not taking your family out. However, when planning an event, there is a price to pay. Negotiate with the people in charge to ensure you’re allowed to use the space.