December 28, 2017

South Bank, Brisbane

Top 5 Things To Do In South Bank, Brisbane

South Bank, a dynamic area located on the southern parts of the Brisbane River, is a premier tourist attraction. The area is rife with lush parklands, stunning river views, world-class eateries and hundreds of delightful things to do and see all year round. Get the most out of your next trip with our complete guide on the top 5 things to do in South Bank with your family once you arrive here.

South Bank, Brisbane

1. Streets Beach

Streets Beach is an artificial fake beach you must visit while you’re at South Bank. This is Australia’s only artificial beach with a genuine look. The beach features beautiful lagoon surrounded by sub-tropical plants and sandy beaches. It’s free to use for both locals and foreigners all year round. If a real beach is more your thing and you don’t want to drive to the gold coast, check out Suttons Beach in Redcliffe for a nice day trip.

2. The Wheel of Brisbane

What To Do In South Bank, Brisbane

The Wheel of Brisbane commonly known as the Brisbane Eye is simply a giant rotating wheel that allows you to have a thrilling view of the city and the surrounding landmarks from the air. There is no need to book your ticket in advance. You can quickly buy your ticket at the South Bank Visitor Centre which goes for $16.50 for a single adult and $48 for 2 adults and 2 children.

3. Queensland Museum & GOMA

The HWB team have spent many weekends hanging out in South Bank and GOMA is one of our favourites spots. When you visit a museum in a foreign country, you’re engaging in education and learning outside a classroom setting. The Queensland Museum contains the state’s historical galleries and exhibits. You don’t have to pay to access the museum. The state has tried to make most of the services offered at this museum free, including the parking space.

4. X-Wing Mini Segway Tours

X-Wing Mini Segway Tours offer a new and exciting way to see city’s beautiful river city at Roma Street Parkland and South Bank Parklands. They have a kid’s birthday tour package (6-12 years) which goes for $270 total for 8 kids, birthday bash tour package (13 years+) which goes for $450 total for 8 participants and corporate packages.

5. Epicurious Garden

For gardening enthusiasts, foodies or those who love nature, the Epicurious Garden at South Bank is a must visit destination. The garden has fragrant herbs, exotic plants and lush, serene surrounds which is a must-see for locals and visitors. You can head along with your family to explore the garden’s lovely plant life, as well as to learn more about the indoor gardening and how to prepare some recipes with fresh produce.