Make Your Hot Water Heater Last Longer

One mistake people make is buying a hot water heater system and simply forgetting about it. As long as there is hot water running in the house, then no one cares about the humble appliance heating it. The only time that they come to think about it is when hot water supply is cut -probably when the water heater has broken down. But that can be avoided if you learn a few tips and tricks to get the most out of your water heater by extending its lifespan.

In this handy guide, we are providing you with the top best tips and tricks on how to extend your water heater’s useful life. Read through it and learn how you can make your hot water heater last longer.

Here are the top best water heater tips to make your appliance last longer.

Regular Maintenance Schedule

Hot water heater manufacturers always advise users to maintain their appliances regularly. The manufacturer also provides a maintenance schedule which should help you keep your water heater in good condition for better performance and longevity. However, based on the prevailing conditions on the ground, a professional plumber in Brisbane can draft a customised maintenance schedule to help extend your water heater’s useful life. Make sure that you have adhered to the schedule and do not skip the set dates for maintenance no matter what.

Inspect Pressure Valve Regularly

hot water from faucet and temperature controlAnother reason why your hot water heater won’t last for long is a faulty pressure valve. For your water heater system to operate effectively, the pressure inside the tank must be regulated to safe levels. Otherwise, if the pressure inside is too high, then the tank likely to burst, and that means a replacement. It is the function of the pressure valve to regulate the pressure in the tank to keep it safe from exploding. However, minerals can collect around the pressure valve, and that would affect its performance. That is why you should inspect it regularly to clean off minerals building up.

Manage Temperature

Another mistake people make is leaving water heater temperature levels unchecked. That is dangerous because your hot water heater temperature should never exceed 120 degrees. If it goes over this value, then you will be exposing your hot water tank to high pressure. The tank could burst or get faulty, hence a reduced lifespan. A licensed plumber will be able to repair your hot water system for you. On the other hand, low temperature, on the other hand, may encourage the growth of bacteria in the tank as well as the entire water supply line. That’s why it is important to manage the temperature if you want to extend your tank lifespan.

Make sure that your thermostat is set at a maximum of 120 degrees to keep your hot water system safe. Call a licensed plumber to fix it if your thermostat is faulty.

Anode Rod Inspection

The sacrificial anode rode is a crucial part of your hot water heater system; hence you should inspect regularly. The rod, which is usually magnesium or aluminum, takes all the beating by accepting to corrode and instead of the steel tank. But with time, the corrosion might eat away the entire rod. If not replaced, the tank will start corroding hence reducing in its useful like. That is why it is essential that you have the anode rod checked and replaced if necessary. If you check the rod and find only a crusty coat-hanger wire remains, you need to have it be replaced.

Flush the Hot Water Heater Tank Once a Year

insulated water heater and drain valveFlushing the tank is one of the key water heater tips for extending your appliance lifespan. In fact, all manufacturers recommend that it should be done at least once a year. It addresses one of the biggest threats which is the accumulation of mineral deposits inform of dirt and impurities in water. If the sediment is allowed to build up, it’s likely to cause your hot water heater to burst.  That’s why you should flush your water heater at least once a year to drain sediment. Whether you are using Rheem Water Heaters or any other brand, the process is straightforward, and you can do it yourself. However, having a plumbing company do the job is recommended as they will check other faults in your water heater system.

Keep Minerals to a Minimum

Calcium, sulfates, silicates, and magnesium are the main minerals that Brisbane dwellers have to deal with. These are minerals causes’ lime and scaling of the tank that reduces the lifespan of the water heater. However, they are only present in hard water and can build up over time. One of the best ways to prevent the build-up is controlling the quality of the water getting into the tank, and the best way is softening the water before it gets into the tank. Put in place a water softener mechanism in your home if you want to extend your water heater’s lifespan.

Insulate Your Water Heater

There are lots of benefits that come with insulating your hot water heater and one of them is a longer useful life. First, it is important to note that a water heater system’s workload determines its lifespan. Therefore, if you can reduce the workload, you have helped to extend its useful life. Wrapping or insulating the water heater helps to improve efficiency by almost 40% since there is less heat loss. So the water in the tank remains hot hence less workload for the water heater. Insulation is something that you only have to do once.

Set The Hot Water Heater to Vacation Mode

water heater red knob vacation modeIf you are going on vacation, you need to turn your water heater to vacation mode. Vacation mode helps to keep the water in the tank warm. The appliance also consumes less power. The water heater is almost on a zero load at this mode. That is another easy way that you can improve your hot water heater lifespan.

If you need professional help to make your water heater last longer, feel free to call Hot Water Brisbane. We are experts in hot water heater systems in Brisbane and offer a range of services for all water heater types.

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