December 28, 2017

Daisy Hill Conservation Park

One of the most popular parks located around 25kms south of Brisbane city and covering more than 500 hectares, Daisy Hill Conservation Park is so much more than just a bunch of huge trees. There are quite a lot of things you can do once you reach here to keep yourself and the family entertained!

Daisy Hill Conservation Park

Things to do at Daisy Hill Conservation Park


if you are in the search of a nice picnic destination then Daisy Hill Conservation Park certainly fits your bill. There are some big covered tables, wood-fuelled BBQ, and many picnic tables scattered through the area. Also, there is enough space if you wish to lay a rug on the ground somewhere under a tree. Even a map of this picnic area is available to help you plan your day.

Visit The Koala Centre

Right at the edge of the picnic area is the Daisy Hill Koala Centre which you must not miss visiting. Though you cannot pat the koalas, even waiting for some time to see them will make you feel good. If you’re interested in holding a koala, then a visit to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is a must!

Mountain Biking

Daisy Hill Conservation Center

if you love riding your bike but not the traffic that you have to face in the main city, then this area is perfect for you. There are many mountain biking trails that you can choose from. However, beginners should opt for the trail which has been marked as easy, and children should only ride on the concrete paths.

View the wildlife  the park has many tallowwoods, ironbark, stringybark, and grey gum trees. This makes it an ideal residing place for koalas, birds, wallabies, reptiles, and possums. While enjoying your picnic you may get to see laughing kookaburras, Australian magpies, pied butcherbirds, and much more. Along the walking tracks you may get to see koalas, fairy-wrens, and fantails, and near the waterholes and creeks, eastern water dragons and sacred kingfishers are commonly seen.

Must visit places located nearby

Once you have enjoyed being in the Daisy Hill Conservation Park, you may consider visiting one of these interesting places that are located nearby Underwood Park (1.8km), Springwood Conservation Park (1.8km), or the Chung Tian Temple (2.3km). All great spots highly recommended by the HWB team. Be sure to check out our recent work around the daisy hill area here.

 The Daisy Hill Conservation Park with its wildlife and picnic areas make it a perfect place to visit with friends and family, a perfect place to rejuvenate, enjoy, and get the much-needed break that everyone needs.